Summer Dress & Earrings: Flea market, New Delhi Handmade Brooches : Nomad (Buy here) Punjab Armor cuff: Sticks+ stones (Buy here) Dreamcatchers: Soul works, Mumbai¬†(Instagram page : Soul works)   ARE YOU FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM? Well, this is a real question for all those who are reading this post right now. But hey, do not worry ūüôā you don’t have to answer it right away! Let me make it a little simple for you, in case you have an answer to the above question, then sit back and relax and absolutely don’t worry because honestly, you are actually half way up to your destination! But If not, then i really really hope this post will help you find some answers… View Post

Hi all! First of all, I want to apologize for literally bombarding my social media feed with various cultured inspired experiences i have had back in India since last few months. I had spent a long time with my family in my beloved city that gave me an opportunity to share some of the amazing experiences i had on my list from quite a long time. Honestly, I try to be consistent in sharing my personal experiences & observations with you all but its not always easy while i am traveling and having a hell of an experience¬†living into the moment ūüôā and that’s probably on of the main reasons that hinders my consistency. I tried to go out of… View Post

Dress:¬†Ambraee Jewelry: Janpath and personal collection Footwear (Kohlapuri):¬†Aparjita Toor¬†(same,¬†similar,¬†similar¬†) Location: Ugrasen ki Bauli, CP, Delhi   Clad in plain black attire, covered heads, distinctly visible tattoos on arms & neck, statement jewelry pieces adorned in bronze and silver, the Rabari culture has always been fascinating to eyes.   In the region of North Gujarat, especially in the region of Kutch, one of the most interesting ethnic communities is Rabari’s. Once a nomadic people, Rabari’s follow an interesting lifestyle and customs.¬†What fascinates me is the origin of Rabari culture dated for almost 1000 years old, has still maintained & preserved its authenticity in terms of culture, fashion and craftsmanship. The Rabari’s have roamed the deserts and plains of what is today… View Post

Dress and bottoms: Jaypore¬† Necklace: Delhi Haat and World art community (Upcycled fabric necklace) Can also be found at Tjori. Kohlapuri slippers: Aprajita Toor Label Fabric bangles also from Jaypore For those who are not aware of what i really do apart from blogging, I am an Architect by profession, someone who wants to live a creative life, no matter if its small or big but certainly don’t want to die an ordinary one. I love to capture moments of my life through photography, love to express my feelings and real-life experiences through my blog and love to design or create spaces through my knowledge of Architecture. The reason i am sharing this is directly related to the topic i… View Post

Dress: Ambraee Jewelry: Janpath and personal collection Footwear (Kohlapuri): Aparjita Toor¬†(same, similar, similar¬†) Location: Ugrasen ki Bauli, CP, Delhi   Ever since¬†I¬†moved to the United States 4 years ago,¬†I¬†have been living my life in an ironical situation. Irony being the love I always had for my beloved culture, fashion and beliefs. For people who know me personally, have seen me expressing it in real life but portraying it in my words on my very own blog was something long overdue. I try to work on themes & my invariably evolving thoughts about life, beliefs and habits in such a way that more & more of you could relate and take inspiration. Inspiration from the life i live and real-life experiences… View Post