Though i really miss summer but i couldn’t be more grateful to all the exciting things this Fall weather brings to us every year! October is my birthday month! YAY (Dancing smiley ;)) and it brings along not only all the amazing childhood memories but lots more to be looking forward to! What is it about this season? Is it the pumpkin filled eats? The boots and booties popping up as the leaves fall? Whatever it is, I dig it. The crisp chilly air of Cleveland, the smell of pumpkins and everything flavored with pumpkin (not that i like it :/ I am just sayin), the beautiful yellow & orange hues of fall trees and the cozy over-sized cardigans and… View Post

Hello all ♥ !! From the past few days i have been thinking a lot about my blog and blog goals. From the point where i started few months ago to the present day , it’s been a learning process each & every moment. Sometimes its exciting and sometimes its too overwhelming! There have been high points as well as low points and second thoughts too. But i guess i am not the only one, there are millions out there trying to make their place in this huge world. And yes I am one of them! If you look at us from far, we look the same; but if you look at us closely you know the difference! We all are in the same boat… View Post

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello beautiful people 🙂 I want to tell you guys that I am happy today! But I have no reason to tell you why! The fact that i am a lifestyle blogger is something that makes me smile these days 🙂 Does it sound a little weird? May be! But what I am trying to tell you guys is that there are so many things in this world that we desire, or we want to achieve, from material things to dreaming about independence & freedom or be it success in our job or profession! And I have realized over these years of struggling by my own that, all it takes is an initiative! An initiative to do… View Post

Ever think of buying something that allows people to solve some of the world’s most difficult issues? Something that’s purely not just for your own happiness but supports a good cause as well? Well, the first thought that comes in our mind when we think of the word “charity” is really what difference can one person make, right? And often this thought resists us from doing even a bit! As we do our shopping on any given day, its easy to focus on buying the things we desire the most, be it electronics, toys, apparel, food and so on! The list never ends really. But what if there’s something more? Something that is enjoyable, fashionable as well as trendy, yet… View Post

Urban, public art, anti-capitalist, rebellious , contemporary, inspiring, situational and so on. How would you describe a street art? And what are your thoughts about Street art? Well, for a start I would say that I have been always fascinated by the scribbles on the walls. Do they convey any message? May be or may be not. I fell in love with the rebelliousness I sensed on the walls through the letters and shapes. I don’t know if its the rebellious nature of mine that gets me attracted to such a thing or its just the creativity of it. Still trying to figure it out 😛 I have realized that the act of travelling always helps you open up your… View Post