How to move on when you feel stuck in life ft. winter styling.

How to move on when you feel stuck in life ft. winter styling.

Off-shoulder sweater dress from Makemechic  (if this is sold out, similar here, here and here)

Hat & Boots: Asos (similar here, here and here)

Belt: Forever 21 (similar here, and here)

Accessories: Personal collection

Boho Clutch: Off beat cuts


Hey you’all! I know you guys have been reading all about me as a bride and looking at all the pretty pictures so far, right? I wanted to share more because there’s still a lot to tell you guys about my wedding and how i planned everything from an entirely different part of the world but i decided to give you guys and myself a break after all those intense feelings 😛

But as they say “life is not a fairy tale” and in this case life is not a wedding season full of colors, happiness, positive vibes around every time and definitely not same at every moment. Though people say we should celebrate life each and every day and accept it as it comes to you but does it really work that way? Sometimes there’s a lot to be happy about and sometimes there’s nothing at all!

Every now & then, I feel stuck in life! “When you don’t know what you are doing with your life or if you are on the right track? Are you doing what you were supposed to do or had planned to do? Future? Past?”– You don’t know what to do, but you are just so uninspired in life. But being stuck is not a bad thing! It happens to everyone at every point of life, the only difference is some people find it easier to overcome these feelings & some need more time and support.

I have been in that situation a lot more times than you would think! But since I have been staying alone & away from my family and friends from a long time, these situations, these feelings and the changes in life every now & then, I have learnt to tackle them by myself & so far I am doing just fine! And you will learn too, one day 🙂

I have that feeling right now while writing this post and i guess this is the best time to share some ideas about how I help thy self to overcome or move on from such situations:

1. First thing first; Give yourself a break! I am not saying don’t go to work or leave your job (well you should if its making you miserable) but what i am trying to say is, in your free time take a break, sit & relax. Don’t beat yourself up every time.We are humans, and it’s absolutely okay to feel uninspired or low at times! Watch an old movie, listen to songs or eat your favorite desert. Do this for few days after work until you regain your self and feel refreshed to go back out again. Watching an inspirational movie will definitely work its charm!

2. Read a book: We often underestimate the power of reading & the impact it has on our lives. Reading a book helps keep your mind off from other less important things & in return you spend your free time relaxing your mind & feeling inspired!

I am reading “Big Magic” currently! And i can’t complain 🙂 its a great book! (Available on Amazon)

“It seems to me that the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back. If I can relax, fear relaxes, too.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


3. Go back to your Hobby: Usually people would say adopt a new hobby, but honestly speaking that’s not easy always and if it doesn’t make you happy at the end, you feel more demotivated than ever! So go back to your old hobby that you left behind due to personal & professional responsibilities kids, job etc. Find the things you always wanted to do or loved doing. Trust me it works!

I remember my mom used read stories from magazines in her free time or some stitching work and it felt great looking at her enjoying her “me” time!

4. Yoga: Now this one is definitely a good one! Not saying you should do yoga after a pretty hectic day, especially not the one with intensive asanas, just try incorporating it into your lifestyle. Breathing exercises & Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation) is all you need to do to move on with any kind of obstacle in mind.

A yoga class will definitely be a good option, but you can always start from home first. Helps you relax your mind, body & you will see a ray of hope very soon! The only key to see results from yoga is consistency, even if its for 10-15 mins on a daily basis. You will feel the difference in a week 🙂 Trust me!

5. Look around, Help someone who can never help you back!: Look around yourself, whatever you own in your life till now is all your hard work, intentional and by luck, but not everyone is fortunate enough to reach a certain level of success in life. Help someone in need! I am not saying to shower your money on some homeless or poor person or to charity ( that’s your call) what i am saying is try to forget your problems for a day & listen to someone else, may be you will realize that your problem was not even real 🙂 When you look around & understand bigger problems of the world and how you can help in a certain way, your problems will look small and eventually vanish!

And there must be a lot more things that would help you in the long run, you have to find what’s best for you! Talking about me, I have incorporated yoga in my daily routine & it feels good 🙂 and currently reading a great book, trying to spend time on cooking & baking (trying new recipes) & back to blogging. I started blogging as a getaway to my struggles & here i am 😛

Dressing up is another way of feeling good & more confident about yourself, specially when you feel uninspired! I usually go one step ahead every time i feel i need to move on from something pulling me down and i tried dressing up this off-shoulder sweater dress from Makemechic this time, something i haven’t tried before! My outfit is never complete with a little touch of Indian-ness or in this case my love for tribal & bohemian accessories, so all you can see other than my fancy sweater & boots are things that i posses from a long time & would never trade them for anything in this world 😛 Don’t even ask!





I hope you enjoyed reading! Well more than enjoying, i hope it helps you feel better!

Photography: Rajvir Sidhu

Editing & styling: Tanvi Mutneja


Until next,

The Urban Boho♥





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My Vogue Style (@Cami2894)

This is a perfect transition outfit, you added the color with the clutch which is just gorgeous!

My Vogue Style |


This is the perfect transitional look. The colors in that clutch are so pretty and they are getting me in a major mood for spring!



Thank you for the book recommendation. I agree Yoga is so relaxing. It always puts me in a better mood. You look beautiful in the blue sweater dress and that pink clutch is just darling.


Sonia Aicha

love your outfit, so stylish 🙂


Tanvi! I love this look so much on you. You always manage to find a unique way to style simple pieces. I get into ruts a lot too, and I found your tips here very helpful. Particularly the one about helping someone who can never help back. It’s so important to get in touch with our humanistic side in order to move ourselves forward. I hope you are well and enjoying the moments of being a newlywed! Congrats!

Katherine Tran
Love Playing Dressup

such good tips – thanks for sharing. xo


Love Playing Dressup

such a wonderful post and loved those insights.