Losing control over your life : Inner conversations

Losing control over your life : Inner conversations

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Hello people! Long time no see! It’s been almost 3-4 months since i last posted on my blog. Its because a lot has changed in my life since then. Although i didn’t stop writing, i wasn’t in a situation to share with the world. It’s been a few months since i moved to a new place. I have traveled unknown paths, seen unknown faces and had unknown feelings. Sometimes life takes such amazing unknown & undiscovered turns, you just don’t know where you are going next or what life has planned for you.

I have had a good share of struggles since last few months, both mentally & physically. Most of the time in our lives, it’s easy to overcome physical issues related to one’s health but what causes more pain & despair are the issues with your subconscious mind not willing to stay strong & positive in such low situations and needs a great amount of time to heal and recover. I lost control over my life in such a short span of time, that i couldn’t even prepare myself for the changes it had gone through. Although I am not a planning freak, but a lot of big decisions of my life were based on a clear understanding, planning & preparation beforehand, both mentally and physically. But it wasn’t the case this time.

Let me start with how life works?

Let’s go back to the way our lives work, we go to school to achieve a basic level of education, some of us go to college to specialize our minds in a particular field of interest that eventually helps us sustain in this world & make a living for ourselves. Although getting a good education as well as a job provides us with financial securities & mental relaxation (true to some extent :P) but what exactly we attain from this is the Freedom & full Authority on our lives, something we all desire for!

Some of us are strong enough to take our life decisions by ourselves but some of us need constant guidance & support. Unfortunately for some, their life isn’t theirs & neither their decisions. But at any point of life, we all desire the exact same thing that is to take control of our lives & deal with it the way we want to. We desire to control our lives the way we want to, to indulge in things we like and have always dreamt of, money, happiness, travelling around the world, material possessions and all the other things we wish for or thrive to become growing up, everything is in control of our minds (mostly planned way beforehand).

One Day….

But what happens, if suddenly you wake up one day, loosing that control? Feeling like you have lost the power to control the situations & circumstances of our life and their outcomes? And please read it carefully, I am not talking about any of our future desires or material possessions, I am solely referring to the remote control of your life that has been taken away from you. You are no longer in charge of anything that happens in your life, you are physically  present in the moment but your life has been led not by your mind but some other energy that surrounds you.

Enters feelings of frustration & Anxiety

Losing control over life is not the best feeling in the world, and clearly not the easy one! It feels like the universe is trying to pull you in every direction, taking full control over your priorities or preferences. And suddenly we start to drift ourselves from one point to another, not able to focus or energy on one thing, leading to frustration and anxiety.

I think a lot of people can relate to this topic. Some of us live our lives in an Auto-pilot mode, moving forward to wherever life takes us, be it a happy place or not, we adjust. That’s just one way of living life. But some of us want the steering wheel of our lives in our hands, so we can drive it however or wherever we want. In both ways, there comes a time when we wish for something else but the situations and circumstances do not work according to your choices, as if someone else is driving your life car and you are anxiously siting on the back side with your fingers crossed hoping for good things.

What would you do?

Like there are always 2 sides of a coin, there are 2 sides of looking at the situation as well. Accepting the fact that you are no longer the leader but the follower, which is what makes it difficult & requires time to cope up with the situation. You think, you breathe & you sleep on it leading to stress turned into nightmares.


You give in (not give up), you let it go, let it do its thing, don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, leave it alone! Because no matter how much you want thing to happen according to your wishes, the energy around you will try to resist it.

So here’s my question to you, do you fight back or you give in? If you have an answer you can comment below to share your views on it or if you wish to know what would i do, then look for a next post!

We get too busy trying to figure out a “perfect” life and how to make it beautiful, that we never notice that beauty is all around us.

The flowers in the backyard of our house, or on the tree at your neighbor’s house.

The scent of rain on local soils and the barefoot walk on the evening grass. 

A small lake nearby your house you never visited, or a picnic in the park with family.

There’s so much to life and there’s beauty everywhere, loosing control over life doesn’t take these little things away from you…

Photography: Rajvir Sidhu

Concept, Styling and Editing: Tanvi Mutneja



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Wow this post just reflects me during the anxiety that I was going through for the past two months. Answer to your question is I am a Hustler, I always fight back and that’s what I did. I think it worked, I am at peace now.



That is so well put . And very true . We often are engulfed and engrossed in the idea of life which we picturize and miss what the real life has to offer . There beauty in this world beyond the anxiety and annoyance we go through . I think we need to appreciate what life had to offer us first .


Tanvi, what a good read. I have been facing anxiety and frustration as well from past 1.5 years and mostly it is all personal. My life has been a roller coaster ride since April 2016 and this ride hasn’t been that fun. I sometimes give up and then I gather myself up and move on. I can go on and on but this is not the right place for me to talk more. I am glad that you have recovered or I would say at recovering. I wish you all the best.

Taylor Aube

I loved reading this ❤️