There has been quite a hustle in my mind from last few days. Doesn’t seem like to stop! Some kind of an on-going chase. Chase to have a better life, chase to have a better health, chase to have spring come around, to be able to watch flowers blooming, chase to…..never seems to stop, really! I feel like that the new year has just begun for me, even though its’s the 3rd month of 2017 already but feels like now is the time to finally start getting my stuff done (really don’t know what stuff though :P) Everything seems very vague about future when you are having this constant battle with yourself. When summer gets too hot, you wait for winters to come around;… View Post

Off-shoulder sweater dress from Makemechic  (if this is sold out, similar here, here and here) Hat & Boots: Asos (similar here, here and here) Belt: Forever 21 (similar here, and here) Accessories: Personal collection Boho Clutch: Off beat cuts   Hey you’all! I know you guys have been reading all about me as a bride and looking at all the pretty pictures so far, right? I wanted to share more because there’s still a lot to tell you guys about my wedding and how i planned everything from an entirely different part of the world but i decided to give you guys and myself a break after all those intense feelings 😛 But as they say “life is not a fairy tale”… View Post

I can’t believe summer has officially come to an end! While Cleveland is not too far from its insanely cold winters, i am still being reluctant to pack my summer clothes just yet! Sure, it’s good to be reunited with our plaids, woolens, and leather, but there’s something that feels so perverse about doing it at the expense of letting go of our favorite summer items. Call me crazy, but I am still loving my fun & colorful summer outfits. This year has been all about experiments for me! Experiments with my hair, with indo-western attire, with blogging, trying new stuff and what not! And now i am really looking forward to experiment my favorite summer outfits in this transitional fall weather and soon… View Post

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello beautiful people 🙂 I want to tell you guys that I am happy today! But I have no reason to tell you why! The fact that i am a lifestyle blogger is something that makes me smile these days 🙂 Does it sound a little weird? May be! But what I am trying to tell you guys is that there are so many things in this world that we desire, or we want to achieve, from material things to dreaming about independence & freedom or be it success in our job or profession! And I have realized over these years of struggling by my own that, all it takes is an initiative! An initiative to do… View Post

Ever think of buying something that allows people to solve some of the world’s most difficult issues? Something that’s purely not just for your own happiness but supports a good cause as well? Well, the first thought that comes in our mind when we think of the word “charity” is really what difference can one person make, right? And often this thought resists us from doing even a bit! As we do our shopping on any given day, its easy to focus on buying the things we desire the most, be it electronics, toys, apparel, food and so on! The list never ends really. But what if there’s something more? Something that is enjoyable, fashionable as well as trendy, yet… View Post