Things you should ask yourself to reflect & appreciate the year #2016

Things you should ask yourself to reflect & appreciate the year #2016

Everyone loves the time around Christmas & New year and why wouldn’t one? Its the end of another 365 days of your life, time that will never take a U-turn & come back. This time of the year is usually about celebrating & getting together with your loved ones but this time of the year also brings something else along with it! A good thought process may be? I have been thinking if I have achieved & accomplished the goals I had set early in the year. Sometimes we tend to forget the little things in life that gave us a whole bunch of smiles over the big things we achieved or not.


I often ask myself if all the struggles of my life till  now were all  worth it? Was i able to get it all? Probably not & probably never will! Who knows? But its not about the accomplishments or the achievements in your personal or professional life, or not even the destination that holds that much importance. Its the Journey! and will always be:)

Its the journey of life that matters! The mountainous road with up hills & low ones and the souls you come across on your way home (destination). So before stepping into another 365 years of your life, stand there, don’t say a word, think about your life & start loving it more than you ever will, because this time is not going to come back!.

The purpose of this post is to remind you of all those amazing situations that happened to you in the last 365 days to be grateful for, while stepping into a whole new year. We all do this. So often we get so worked up about how we’re going to be better humans & be more productive, try new things & quit that habit, that we miss out on an amazing opportunity to be thankful of and appreciation all we have done so far. 

Things you should ask yourself to reflect & appreciate the year #2016:

1.New things you discovered about yourself? Patience? Confidence? New skills? Things that you thought you could never do but did it anyways? I am sure the list goes on and on!


2.Achievements you are most proud of? Professionally or personally doesn’t matter, achievements are achievements! You have worked so hard this year, don’t forget the time you have invested.

3.Important lessons you learned? You survived the storms & every little struggles life put you on! These struggles are yours, be proud to have survived them!


4.New habits you cultivated? Waking up early? Running? Exercising? Reading a book? Oh yes! It takes commitment & a lot of hard work to develop new habits. If you did, be happy & proud of them 🙂

5.Anything you did for the first time in that year? I started this blog in 2016, absolutely a big step for me as I really had to gather whole lot of courage & confidence to put myself out there publicly.  AND I went on a roller coaster recently! Biggie right? Oh yeah! I have been scared almost all my life from those. Trust me these are little fears that definitely counts for something when you take a step ahead out of your comfort zone.

6.Biggest problem you solved or hurdles you crossed? What do you deserve a pat on the back for? I have a few definitely! Do you?

7.Relationship or personal goals that you achieved? For me it’s definitely my wedding, I hadn’t planned for it but it was there at back of my head. I kept moving my life in that direction because I somehow knew 2016 was my year. Though i wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be around my wedding, but i still remember all the hard work I had put into to get me through my goal.

Reflection is your secret weapon for doing better in future. You will build confidence once you reflect on all the tough spots, amazing things you did & cool stuff you accomplished. I promise anything you desire and any goals you set for next year will be created on a much stronger foundation if you do 🙂

About the outfit: I wanted to wear something different than my usual style. To spread this message to my readers that no matter how much you have struggled in life, JUST GET OUT THERE & do what you love or whatever you want to achieve! I wouldn’t have been saying all this if i didn’t experiment with things in my life. I am not really a person showing too much of my skin & wearing this summer dress in cold weather is just so “me” coz I am all about experiments & pushing myself in different directions. Life is too short not to wear things your way or style them with a personal touch! And not to be grateful of all the things you have accomplished so far that makes you stand where you are today!


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What a fantastic post, babe! I will definitely be asking myself these questions throughout the year, not just at the beginning or the end : )

xx, Amy


I really love this post and the questions. I’ve been trying to reflect on last year, and I think I’m going to write your questions down and answer them.
It was definitely a stressful year, but a lot of good things happened too!
I love your dress and how you styled it, and I totally agree on taking style risks.
Also best wishes for the new year, hope it’s less stressful!



2016 was not a good year for me but I love this post. Once I started answering these questions, I realized I am still proud of myself and my achievements in 2016. I graduated uni and became a regular gym-goer! There was a lot of difficulty for me, with the sickness and passing of my grandmother, but I learned a lot of important lessons and became wiser.

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your photos are so stunning!!